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Carr say to him and others, the internet is becoming a universal medium, that most information flows through your eyes and ears and into your mind.But in the 2015 theAtlantic post google making us smarter in this post all points have been cleared.Reading a printed media has become a struggle since Carr is losing the ability to focus on deep thinking.Google is making us smarter as we re-discover new ways to learn.Is google making his own experiences with the google is google making us stupid but the historical fact that is stupid response essays.Just like Carr, I too find myself not being able to sit down and enjoy a book like I would eight years ago.Nicholas Carr believes that the internet is having a negative impact on the way we read and write.

The simplicity and easiness of finding an answer is changing deep thought, to shallow thinking. (Carr).

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At the very beginning, Carr uses pathos to make us feel like we are more connected to his argument, and not just at a casual level.It takes a more concerted effort for me to get through a novel or a more tedious academic text, and this was not always my experience.

Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay Response

Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay Response Top quality assignment centers in usa for college education and high schools as well as university might be available.Goldwater made the case for conservatism in this unique 1962 essay,.Carr then goes on to explain how the net is a medium. We can get.

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I think that the quality of our knowledge is being sacrificed in the name of efficiency, which is something that Carr touched upon in the article.Instead of listening to their basic instinct, they now ate when it was time to eat.

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We are so dependent on the Internet that I think we are losing some of our ability to think independently.

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Carr believes that deep reading is indistinguishable from deep thinking.

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We rely deeply on it to obtain information, but it makes it harder for us to retain information.Nevertheless, his implicit assertion that knowledge derived from traditional print media is somehow more substantive to that from the internet deserves attention.As he said, technology is becoming more important than people.

Personally, I tend towards skepticism when something evolves quickly without regard for the ripple effects.Although I have been acquainted with the Internet since a very young age, I feel a difference in the way that my brain operates that is parallel to the increased amount of time that I spend online.

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Again, further reading of the essay proves to clarify the point that Carr is.Carr then began to say that he could also feel his mind going.

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The other friend, Scott Karp, has stopped reading books all together.I think that ambiguity is tied to tolerance and understanding, and if we lose those capabilities we are losing an important part of the human experience.Although the Internet is a forum through which a variety of individuals can express their viewpoints and ideas, they derive said expression from certain sources.Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage, and The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google.Carr then goes on to talk about how technology has always impacted humans.0 thought on “ Sixty Nine Cents Gary Shteyngart Thesis - Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay Response ”.


The article begins with that the Internet is the excellent resource where we can find whatever we want for everything, and we are becoming more and more dependent on it in the field of writing, reading and so on.

When things are shortened and boiled down to their simplest elements, they lose their complexities and nuances.Another issue I take with the cultural shifts engendered by the Internet, is the scale on which they happen.We enter into a world of an abundance of information, as we click on links to gather data.Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are a very good examples of.Our brain relies on the Internet so much that it starts draining out our ability to think independently.Instead of analyzing and connecting my different thoughts into cohesive arguments, I am left with fragmented pieces of an idea that I am not fully able to weave together.The emotion that Carr gives is that Google has taken advantage of the way we think with our brains and, by using the internet for most of our readings, we find ourselves feeling lost.The internet enables a greater number of people access to knowledge based information and rather than creating a void of real knowledge, encourages critical thought and intellectual development outside of traditional boundaries.This infers research found on the internet is the same, and or suffice to that acquired from a hard-back encyclopedia, periodical, etc.

Afterwards, Carr claims that it has a large distraction on our mind, and we even cannot concentrate on a long reading material.This is so the readers will realize that what he is saying is important and that it needs to be changed.The examples of the printing press and the clock were at once internal and external but the Internet seems more internal and cerebral.

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I think that the mental discipline we derive from deciphering and interpreting a text is incredibly important and we are beginning to lose that practice.The same applies to the tv, radio, printing press, calculator, and telephone.In reality, we have to struggle to stay focused in a long piece of writing because we use the web so much.Although this has allowed for a lot of positive developments, I agree with Carr that this ideal can definitely be taken too far.On the other hand, he is wrong to present the internet as a threat.Lastly Carr talks about what the internet may become in the future, and how it could make us more like computers.