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Theorem 3: Necessarily, the property of being God-like is exemplified.Definition 1: x is God-like if and only if x has as essential properties those and only those properties which are positive.A being that exists, as an idea in the mind and in reality, is greater than a being that exists only as an idea in the mind.

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Definition 3: x necessarily exists if and only if every essence of x is necessarily exemplified.Anselm, probably the greatest theologian to become Archbishiop of Canterbury, was the first to develop a comprehensive ontological argument for the existence of God.Existence is a perfection above which no perfection may be conceived.David Hume reasoned that an ontological argument was not possible.

Thus, if God exists only as an idea in the mind, then we can imagine something that is greater than God (that is, a greatest possible being that does exist).While there is no clear-cut answer to these questions, I personally believe that the negatives of.Essentially, it would be absurd to disprove such a claim based on our understanding of the word bachelor.For no one who denies or doubts the existence of a being a greater than which is inconceivable, denies or doubts that if it did exist its nonexistence, either in reality or in the understanding, would be impossible.

The Ontological Argument Baggaley 2 look at some of the major arguments for and against the Ontological Argument.Ontological argument essay. P. Support the ontological, teachers in his ontological argument is sound, translated by st.The first part of the argument focuses on the definition of God.The most famous argument posed by Gaunilo was that of a perfect island which can replace the idea of God in the Ontological argument.The Argument According to Anselm and Its Metaphysical Interpretation According to Kant Jean-Luc Marion.That scale must have a limit point, a point of greatest intensity and of greatest existence.

Nothing, that is distinctly conceivable, implies a contradiction.If the argument proves that such a being exists, then it does so regardless of what one wishes to call the being of maximal perfection.Check out our top Free Essays on The Ontological Argument to help you write your own Essay.Sadra put forward a new argument, known as Seddiqin Argument or Argument of the Righteous.

Kant claims that this is merely a tautology and cannot say anything about reality.Therefore, if a being a greater than which cannot be conceived, can even be conceived, it must exist.In Chapter 3, Anselm presented a further argument in the same vein.The ontological argument was put forth at first as a prayer by the eleventh century monk and philosopher Anselm of Canterbury.Theorem 1: If a property is positive, then it is consistent, i.e., possibly exemplified.Ontological Argument Essays: Over 180,000 Ontological Argument Essays, Ontological Argument Term Papers, Ontological Argument Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990.Kant questions the intelligibility of the concept of a necessary being.

In this argument, a thing is demonstrated through itself, and a path is identical with the goal.Non-existence, Gasking asserts, would be the greatest handicap.

Therefore, if the universe is the product of an existent creator, we could conceive of a greater being—one which does not exist.But we cannot imagine something that is greater than God (for it is a contradiction to suppose that we can imagine a being greater than the greatest possible being that can be imagined.).A being that necessarily exists in reality is greater than a being that does not necessarily exist.

The concept must exist either only in our mind, or in both our mind and in reality.Also, David Hume offered an empirical objection, criticising its lack of evidential reasoning and rejecting the idea that anything can exist necessarily.

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It is shaped by his central distinction between analytic and synthetic propositions.

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Modal logic deals with the logic of possibility as well as necessity.Craig argued that an argument can be classified as ontological if it attempts to deduce the existence of God, along with other necessary truths, from his definition.The no devil corollary is similar, but argues that a worse being would be one that does not exist in reality, so does not exist.Thus, either existence is independent of others or it is in need of others.By this, he meant that God is the greatest being that can be thought of and is a being that cannot be improved upon.