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There is a beautiful cat laying in the window sill purring and watching everyone outside while a little girl gently strokes its head.Law, medicine, teaching animal cruelty about american philosophical animal testing persuasive essay example.It is not natural what these animals have to endure and it is no longer necessary.

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Animal Abuse Essay By: Chris Gullette Imagine if you were thrown in a cage, beat to the verge of life, and all of this for no exact reason.Animals were not put on this earth to be caged up and be mistreated.They abuse animals to either let their anger out or for entertainment.It has been shown that animals are capable of feeling pain, hunger, thirst, loneliness, and kinship.In ten years after the released of this medicine about ten-thousand birth defects were cause by the drug.These issues present students with a variety of topics to research and questions to consider when writing a paper for a class.

They have been slaughtered for their food and fur for personal gain in profit.

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How could anyone think that animals are just items to be used in any way humans please.Studies have also shown that animals have similarities to humans in many ways such as intelligence.

That is the reason why our external behavior signs such as writhing, facial contortions, moaning, yelping or other forms of calling, are some ways to differ the pain that we feel.This incident and other similar cases resulted in the passing of the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which required that all drugs must be tested on animals to ensure safety before they could become available.1 Such incidents emphasize the importance of animal testing with regard to human health.Animal hoarders have a hard time understanding the damage that they are doing to their animals until it is too late.

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They are given the second chance in life to experience what life should be like compared to what they once had.However, what most people do not realize is that farms are still agriculture and agriculture is necessary for the production of crops, meat, and other nutrients necessary to survive.Why is animal testing wrong Although some animal tests to benefit us there are many tests that do not and that is only one of the things wrong with animal testing.

There are also issues surrounding conservation and ensuring that animals have environments appropriate for them.Discover common tips how to receive a plagiarism free themed dissertation from a experienced.The humans that fight the dogs are the ones who are giving pit bulls the bad reputation they are receiving when in reality it is the humans who deserve the bad reputation.There are laws to stop animal abuse but if you see an animal being abused you need to report it to the police.To an extremist this argument also means we must maintain a vegetarian diet, not wearing leather or fur, and not keeping animals as pets.

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If these animals were also included in the annual statistics, the number of animals used in experiments would increase by millions.Animal Cruelty- Persuasive Essay Every day in the Australia animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival.

Hoarding is also abuse due to the conditions the animals are in.

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The animals are chained in the boxcars or are transferred to holding pens until moments before they enter the performance ring.

Animals in laboratories are treated as objects that can be manipulated for our own needs.Animal cruelty is an issue caused by discrimination against species.

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Animal hoarding involves keeping higher than usual numbers of animals as domestic pets without having the ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time denying this inability.

These concepts require proper explanation and precise definition.Pit bulls are surrounded with ignorance, misinformation, myths and lies more than any other dog causing all the hate and discrimination towards this breed.Animal cruelty persuasive essay - Put aside your fears, place your task here and get your top-notch paper in a few days professional writers, exclusive services, fast.Animal testing has assisted in the improvement of the duration and the condition of our lives.If you are seeking a specific breed of dog, they most likely will be available at the local animal shelter.In wild animal cases, it is their responsibility to care for their basic needs.

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A father is outside grilling and a little boy is laughing and having a fantastic time playing fetch with his dog.Animal rights groups have expressed concern about the harm, pain and death that such experiments can cause for animals.Some details are unknown, but what is known is that Costa, outraged over finding out the dog had defecated, beat the dog with pruning loppers and tossed the dog into a snow bank.Intentional abuse not only affects the animal, but also the person doing the crime.

In laboratories dogs are force fed drugs and pesticides in order to assess the effects of ingesting toxic doses of certain chemicals.Robert Gonzales is only one of many people to commit animal cruelty.Animal welfare groups argue that animals should not be removed from the wild or killed unless necessary, or not at all.The meat industry spends billions of dollars annually on advertising to influence our notion that eating meat is beneficial and has no ill-effects on the animals.These animals have also taken part in the religious customs, either for religious sacrifices or worshiping, done way back the earliest times.Animal abusers have most likely been abused when they were a child. 88% of families in the research for child abuse also have abused their pet.Literature and media are some of the ways that this matter has been viewed by people.For example, if you use human blood rather than live rabbits to test for the presence of fever causing contaminants, many rabbits will be saved(Alternatives to Animal Tests: The Humane Society of the United States).