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Some effects of stress are weight gain, immune system (ulcers).When stress becomes long-term and is not properly addressed, it can lead to a number of more serious health conditions, including.

Stress is a response to a factor or situation that negatively affects the physical, emotional, or psychological existence of.

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Breathing may become irregular or shallow and muscles tension increases.

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However, negative self-talk leads to increased stress, depression, fearfulness and ability to cope and inability to cope.The causes of stress come from their problems such as health, family, work and economy.

Essay: Effects of Stress. Stress of any kind causes physical reactions in the body which are meant to occur infrequently and for short periods of time.Managing stress can seem like a full time occupation if we are going to remain healthy in this century.

Your stress level will differ based on your personality and how you respond to situations.Check out our top Free Essays on Causes Of Stress to help you write your own Essay.Organized workplaces are going through metamorphic changes under intense economic transformations and consequent pressures.But most thought of the heart attacks, causes of california state university of.Traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, theft, rape, or violence against you or a loved one.This is stress that is visible in society as whole, manifesting itself with a decline in general behavior.Basic lifestyle changes involving diet, exercise and relaxation.Relaxation techniques and informal methods of relaxation such as reading, listening to music are also useful stress management strategies.

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However, both main points, when elaborated as topic sentences in the content paragraphs, do not have a focus.

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Talking to one self in positively increases one self esteem, bolsters self confidence, and brings the situation back to a realistic level will create within the individual (Sutton 2000).More than half of Americans say they fight with friends and loved ones because of stress, and more than 70% say they experience real physical and emotional symptoms from it.National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health explains job stress.

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However, the methods that can be used to assist one person to overcome stress are not the same methods that can be used in someone else.These cause individuals to suffer where they lack both control and capability to operate on a reasonable level.

To them, work stresses and life stresses are just minor bumps in the road.Physical Symptoms, Emotional Symptoms, and Behavioral Symptoms.

Persons who work under a strict management are particularly at risk of burnout because of the emotional drain of interacting with personal characteristics such as perfectionism, extreme competitiveness or a tendency toward overachievement also contribute to raising the risk of burnout.If there is a problem that one can identify with in this century it is stress, the world of today is constantly bombarded with information about job stress, relationship and family stress, and environmental stress.Some people may have a nervous system that goes into a stress reaction.More unpleasant events, such as a divorce, major financial setback, or death in the family can be significant sources of stress.Learning to identify when you are under stress, what is stressing.Summary The goal is to create a platform that allows one to cope with it and handle all stressful situations appropriately.

Financial Stress, Depression and Workplace Performance. Pfeef. Retrieved from.Symptoms of job burnout include frustrations low tolerance, a callous attitude toward people, reduced job efficiency, chronic fatigue, tension, and reduced self esteem.Effects of stress essay - Dissertations, essays and academic papers of highest quality.The most significant cause of stress, however, is always the personal interpretation we place on an event or situation.

Emotional problems ( depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem).The first successful way one can manage stress is to be in tune with your body, figure out first what is causing your stress, and find the best way to manage your stress.A moderate amount of stress, particularly positive stress is healthy and stimulating.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.

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When you are in a stressful situation, your body launches a physical response.Check out the fine examples we have in this section of ESL WAVE. Luis E. Ariza STRESS.While the supporting sentences do support the topics well, they are lacking a focus, which would have given more depth to the discussion of each main point.